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Ogremon (オーガモン "Ogremon") is a demon man champion Digimon of the virus type. They are huge, muscular Digimon with a relentless nature and a predisposition for evil. They are moved by valuable objects and so can be easily hired as bounty hunters. The club they normally wield is said to be the femur of a deceased SkullGreymon. Ogremon sport the face of the Hannya (般若, lit. "perfection of wisdom"), tormented demons born from jealousy and obsession. Their special attack is the Tyrant's Fist, a guilt-based attack that attempts to smash their targets under Ogremon's grand aura. It is said that Leomon and Ogremon are mortal enemies.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Digimon Adventure

Ogremon appears as one of the enemy Digimon to the Digi-destined. He is a loyal servant of Devimon and hides to ambush single Digi-Destined members at a time.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World

Ogremon is a bounty hunter and bandit whose base of operations resides on Grand Canyon. Ogremon is violent in nature and will attempt to mug every single being that crosses towards his territory. After being defeated at Grand Canyon's pass, Ogremon retreats to his hideout just a few steps ahead of the incident, where he's forced out by the player. Ogremon promptly flees and takes over the Secret Beach Cave, recruiting a WaruSeadramon into his team in the process. The nature of WaruSeadramon's attacks, nonetheless, prove to work in detriment of his whole team, and so Ogremon is forced to escape towards Drill Tunnel. Once at Drill Tunnel, Ogremon tries to create a new hideout alongside his faithful Agumon, but is promptly thwarted by the player. Frustrated by his failures and constant fleeing, Ogremon finally gives up and sits down, awaiting judgement. While at first hesitant, Ogremon accepts the player's request of joining the city as a form of repentance for his acts. From then on, Ogremon can be seen patrolling the city in order to protect it from shady looking characters.

Ogremon is an obtainable partner Digimon in the game. The player can naturally obtain Ogremon evolving a Patamon or a Gabumon. They can also artificially obtain Ogremon by feeding any Rookie Digimon a Spike Club. Ogremon can naturally evolve into either Andromon or Giromon.

[edit] Digimon Digital Card Battle


Ogremon card.png





Hit points








Cross attack effect

Triangle counter

Support effect

Discard all cards in your DP slot. Multiply your Digimon's attack power by the number of discards.

Circle attack

Pummel Whack

530 AP

Triangle attack

Bone Mace

320 AP

Cross attack

Faint Punch

0 AP

[edit] Digimon World 3

Ogremon is an enemy Digimon used by some of the trainers that challenge you to a digimon battle.

[edit] Digimon World DS

Ogremon digivolves from Goburimon at level 7 if it has at least 70 attack. Ogremon can then digivolve into one of two digimon. For Arukenimon, Ogremon needs to reach level 16 and for Etemon, Ogremon needs to get to level 33 and have at least 3500 beast experience.

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