Out On The Town


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Matt is taking his brother T.K. home on the train when Patamon and T.K. get into a fight. Patamons flies away leaving Matt, T.K, and Gabumon looking for him. Instead though they run into two of Myotismon's henchmen known as Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon. They all run around the town causing mischief and other damage to the city. Myotismon shows up and they henchmen don't have the heart to attack the two kids. So he blasts them and they disappear. T.K and Matt think they died but it turned out they were just sent back to the Digital World. T.K gets upset from this and Patamon shows up again and digivolves into Angemon. Myotsimon flees an impending battle and the digi destined continue to search for the eight child.

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