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[edit] Appearance and Behavior

Psychemon is the nature counterpart to the ice Digimon Gabumon. It is a small, Rookie level Digimon with colorful fur and a single sharp horn. Psychemon has two long arms, each of which are tipped with three, large, powerful claws. A bipedal Digimon, Psychemon features are both reptilian and bestial. Though much its body is purple, it appears to be wearing a predominately white animal pelt to which an extra pair of arms is attached. A row of jagged, white teeth protrude from its upper jaw. Probably the most distinguish characteristic of this Digimon is the green symbol emblazoned on its stomach. A similar symbol is also found on Gabumon. It is commonly depicted as being an digivolution to Tsunomon and digivolving to Gururumon.

Psychemon is a cheerful, easygoing Digimon. Though social, it is very cowardly and weak. Befitting of its bright coloration, Psychemon has an interest in shiny, colorful objects. Its name is derived from the word psychedelia.

[edit] Anime and Games

[edit] Digimon World

Found in Gear Savanna and Trash Mountain.

[edit] Digimon Data Squad

Can be found in Lalamon's galaxy.

  • "LV:" 17
  • "Rank:" Rookie
  • "HP:" 730
  • "FIE:" Nature Spirits
  • "Ability:" Resist Panic
  • "Requirement 1:" Digivolved to Tsukaimon.
  • "Requirement 2:" Used Guard Command 20+ times.

[edit] Attacks

Colorful Sparkle: Releases rainbow colored burst of electricity from its horn.
Colorful Dance: Spins and strikes its opponets.
Glitter Horn: Stabs opponets with its horn..
Psyche Shot: Shoots a colorful ball of energy from its mouth.

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