Rookie Digimon

Agumon is a Rookie Level Digimon

Rookie or Child refers to the third state of evolution of a Digimon. Upon reaching this state, most Digimon develop limbs, if they haven't already, and become able to use damaging moves; however, they lose their ability to use bubble sprays as a mechanism of defense. As a Rookie, Digimon develop the base body of all his digivolved states, except on abnormal states, though it is known that some Digimon change radically their own appearance after evolving. Without taking in account abnormal evolutions, all higher states of a single Digimon will share at least its condition as a virus, vaccine or data with its Rookie form.

Partner Digimon for humans oftenly revert back to their Rookie state after digivolving successfully and, most normally, winning a battle; this does not happen with Digimon not bound by a Digivice, which do not revert back to their previous form after digivolving. This last statement may be because the evolution is induced by a Digivice, and it is not attained normally; nonetheless, Digimon Tamers shows evolution as an energy overload, and Digimon are able to return to their Rookie states by tiring themselves, or letting the energy attained fade out.

Once an In-Training Digimon reaches the Rookie level, it becomes difficult for them to revert to previous evolution levels again. In addition, as of the series, it has not been a case of Digimon reverting to their Baby forms without having to turn them into a Digitama in order for it to hatch again, even though they seem to revert to their In-Training form for various reasons.

Excepting Digimon World, the lowest evolution level a single Digimon can attain in any game is Rookie, since it is the lowest state of evolution capable of effective self-defense.


[edit] Rookie level in Games

All Digimon games include in some sort the Rookie evolution state.

[edit] Digimon World

  • The player can choose either Agumon or Gabumon as their first Digimon. Both of these are Rookie Digimon.
  • The player can obtain Rookie Digimon by digivolving an In-Training Digimon.
  • As lower levels show ineptitude in battles, it is likely that a player chooses not to leave the city until his or her Digimon evolves into their Rookie State.
  • It is impossible for a Digimon to revert to a Rookie state without dying.

[edit] Digimon World 2

  • The player can choose either Patamon, Agumon or DemiDevimon as their first Digimon, depending on which clan they decide to join. The three of them are Rookie leveled Digimon.
  • Rookie Digimon can be recruited into the player's team on earlier dungeons.
  • A DNA evolution of two arbitrary Digimon may result in a Rookie Digimon.
  • Digimon are unable to revert back to a Rookie form unless they are DNA digivolved appropriately.

[edit] Digimon World 2003 and Digimon World 3

  • The player can choose three out of six Digimon as his or her partners. All are on Rookie state. The player can then add the Digimon they didn't choose to their party by doing the DDNA side-quest for each Digimon he or she didn't choose.
  • Unlike the previous games, the Digimon travel in their Rookie state always, and only digivolve for battling. For this effect, the player can choose a digivolved state to be selected as the default for battle, and other three additional evolutions in case he or she wants to change their Digimon selection, including the Rookie form.
  • In spite of the above statement, it is possible to battle with the Digimon's Rookie state if the player is ambushed. On this case, the player has to digivolve his or her Digimon manually or battle as is.

[edit] Digimon Rumble Arena

  • The player can only select Rookie Digimon to battle until he unlocks additional Digimon.
  • Except Reapermon, the player only battles Digimon on their Rookie state in the Story Mode.
  • The player cannot select the higher evolution levels of the basic Rookie Digimon in Story mode, excepting Beelzemon.
  • Rookie Digimon can always perform a Warp Evolution to their Mega forms, except Wormmon, who digivolves to Stingmon, a Champion level Digimon, and Reapermon.

[edit] Digimon Digital Card Battle

  • The player can choose Veemon, Hawkmon of Armadillomon as their starter Digimon. They are all in their Rookie state, and come with a theme deck.
  • Rookie Digimon are the basic evolution states in any game; they cost no DP to play and are the only level not to suffer from summoning sickness (Have their HP and attack power cut proportionally if played straight).
  • Gatomon has multiple levels. Gatomon as a partner card is treated as a Rookie level. Gatomon in any other situation is treated as a Champion level. This change was made so Gatomon was eligible as a partner without paying DP to play her.
  • Fusing two arbitrary Champion or Option cards may produce a Rookie level Digimon.

[edit] Digimon World 4

  • The player can choose either Agumon, Dorumon Veemon or Guilmon as playable characters. All of them are in their Rookie state.
  • A Rookie Digimon is unable to evolve except by accepting certain side-quests.
  • A Rookie Digimon is independent of any other evolution he could possible have, differing from past games. This means, they are treated like completely different Digimon, and if one earns experience, the other won't.
  • The player can fight only two kind of Rookie Digimon throughout the game, Goburimon in the Death Valley and Otamamon on the Venom Jungle. It is unclear if the Mecha Rogues can be considered Digimon.

[edit] Notable Rookie Digimon

Kamemon as it appears on Digimon Savers

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