Rosemon (Data Squad)


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Japanese Nameロセモン (Rosemon)
Special TechniqueForbidden Temptation
VariationsRosemon Burst Mode

Digivolution Line


This page is dedicated to Rosemon as it appears on Digimon Savers. For the Rosemon that appears on the Digimon game universe, please refer to Rosemon

Rosemon (ロセモン "Rosemon") Fairy-type, Mega Digimon of the Data kind. She is the Mega form on Lilamon. A thorny vine grows up on her body, granting her with a rapier-like weapon on her right hand, and a whip on her left hand. Her Forbidden Temptation attack creates razor-sharp rose petals and an irresistible fragrance.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Digimon Savers

  • Rosemon (Data Squad) is the Mega state of Yoshino's partner Digimon, Lalamon.

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