Secrets of Digimon Rumble Arena

[edit] Mirror Digimon

There is a way to have two identical Digimon against each other in 2-player mode. To do this, one player should select a Digimon. Then, the other player should hold SELECT and choose the same Digimon. The battle then begins with Player 2 controlling a recoloured version of Player 1's Digimon.

[edit] Extra Digimon

Finish 1-P Mode with any Digimon which can Digivolve to unlock its Digivolved form. Other Digimon require other unlocking means; see the table to the right.

Unlockable Digimon
ImpmonFinish the game as Guilmon, Terriermon and Renamon in any order you like.
Imperialdramon Paladin ModeFinish the game with Wormmon and Veemon in either order you prefer.
OmnimonFinish the game with Agumon and Gabumon in whichever order you choose.
ReapermonFinish the game.
BlackWarGreymonFinish the game without losing a match.

[edit] Passwords

All the passwords to the right unlock a Digimon. To enter them, go to "options" then go to the password screen.

Imperialdramon Fighter ModeLINMON
Imperialdramon Paladin ModeROYBOY

[edit] Alternative Tamers

While selecting a digimon press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and down. This switches the appearance of Tamers in some instances. Specifically...

  • Tai and Matt will switch to Adventure 02 form when partnered.
  • Ken will wear his Digimon Emperor gear unless partnered with Davis.
  • Tai, Matt, TK and Kari switch to Adventure form for their Digimon and their Digivolutions.

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