Japanese Nameスカルグレイモン (SkullGreymon)
Special TechniqueDark Shot

Digivolution Line

RookieBlackAgumon or Agumon
ChampionBlackGreymon or Greymon

SkullGreymon (スカルグレイモン "SkullGreymon") is an undead Digimon of the virus type. They are reanimated corpses with minimum brain functions. They are mostly unaware of their surroundings, and will mindlessly attack anything that moves. Greymon that have lived for a long time without evolving will evolve naturally SkullGreymon; they won't realize they are basically already dead, the only thing maintaining the consistency of their bony structure is their force of will, and will keep wandering the wastelands until a stronger Digimon dismantles their bodies and reminds them of death. Their special attack is the Dark Shot, on which they launch an organic heat-seeking missile towards their enemies; said missile has high destructive power and is capable of decimating a large structure.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Digimon Adventure

In Digimon Adventure, SkullGreymon first appears after Tai saw Greymon in action, then becomes obsessed with making Agumon digivolve to the next level. He stuffs him with food and then gets pitted against a Rivial Greymon controlled by Etemon. Agumon digivolves to Greymon to stand a chance against the Greymon, but is defeated, after Tai orders an Evolution, he Dark Digivolves into SkullGreymon and defeats the rival Greymon without mercy. After going on a rampage as SkullGreymon, all of his energy is burned off and De-Digivolves back into Koromon.

[edit] Digimon Adventure 02

SkullGreymon also appears in the Second Season of the Digimon Anime known as Digimon Adventure 02. He appears with the Digimon Emperor kidnaps Agumon and tries to force him to Dark Digivolve into the Virus MetalGreymon. The Digimon Emperor uses a Control Ring on Agumon and he Digivolves into SkullGreymon every time scanned in the process, causing him to go on Rampages and burn up all of his energy. After he re-captures Agumon, he creates the Dark Spiral and finally gets MetalGreymon.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Digimon World

In this game, SkullGreymon is a playable Digimon, and often considered one of the more difficult Digimon to obtain. He can Digivolve from Greymon, Mojyamon, Devimon, Bakemon and Garurumon. SkullGreymon is also the result of Myotismon's attempts at creating his own Digimon, but the creature rebels and turns against its master, appearing as a boss character who only joins the city when defeated by the player.

[edit] Digimon Digital Card Battle

SkullGreymon is a card tamer the player can face. Its Stealth Skull deck focuses on obliterating nature specialists. It also runs Nature Altar cards it can use to force a nature specialist onto the battlefield in order to activate his anti-nature tactics.

SkullGreymon is also a playable card on the game. It is an ultimate dark specialist that can do triple damage to nature specialists with its support skill. Its attacks are set to Dark Shot, Dark Shot II and Cursed Breath.

[edit] Digimon World 2

SkullGreymon is a playable Digimon in this game.

[edit] Digimon World 3

SkullGreymon is a playable Digimon in this game. It is obtainable by getting Greymon and heavily training dark tolerance.

[edit] Digimon World 4

SkullGreymon is a boss in this game.

[edit] Digimon World DS

SkullGreymon appears as a boss and as the evil Machinedramon's Ultimate form in this game. SkullGreymon appears when Machinedramon is tricked into de-Digivolving. He is not the playable Machinedramon's Ultimate form as this title is held by Megadramon.

[edit] Digimon World Dusk

SkullGreymon is a playable digimon in this game.

[edit] Digimon World Dawn

SkullGreymon is an obtainable Digimon through trading with Digimon World Dusk.

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