Subzero Ice Punch

Subzero Ice Punch
Adventure - 09 - English.pngEpisode 09
Japanese NameClash! The Freezing Digimon
Japanese Air Date05/02/1999
English Air Date09/23/1999

Agumon and Taichi "Tai" Kamiya are the first to be seen separated from the rest of the team. Frigimon attacks the two of them and Agumon defeats Frigimon without having to digivolve. Under control of the Black Gears Frigimon backs off once the gear is destroyed. Frigimon leads Agumon and Tai to another frozen island where they encounter Matt and Gabumon. Matt doesn't listen to Gabumon's advice and goes in search of his brother T.K. in the cold. In turn he catches a very severe cold. When Matt returns to the area where Tai is another black gear controlled digimon known as Mojyamon attacks them. Agumon and Gabumon digivolve into their champion forms to defeat Mojyamon and notice that they are now much closer to Infinity Mountain once again.

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