Japanese Nameスワンモン (Swanmon)
Special TechniqueDown Tornado
Base FormGatomon

Swanmon is a beast Digimon of the vaccine type. They resemble swans whose legs were replaced by mechanical feet. They sport breastplates and headgears that have the Crest of Love engraved in them. Their appearance is delicate, yet their attacks are fierce and unrelenting. They will never forgive anybody who attempts to damage the beings they vowed to protect. Their special attack is the 'Down Tornado, on which they molt razor-sharp feathers profusely and use the resulting down to mutilate their enemies. They can also use White Marie in order to lift up vicious whirlwinds at their opponents.

[edit] Anime Appearances

[edit] Digimon Frontier

Swanmon is the caretaker of the Digitama and the newly born babies at the Primal Village. She barely escaped with most of the Digitama on a Trailmon after Dynasmon and LoadKnightmon targeted the village and successfully snatched its Digi-Code.

[edit] Game Appearances

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