Takeru "T.K." Takaishi

Takeru Takaishi
Voiced by (English)Wendee Lee (Adventure)
Doug Erholtz (Adv. 02)
Voiced by (Japan)Hiroko Konishi (Adventure)
Taisuke Yamamoto (Adv. 02)
First Appeared inEpisode one, "And so it Begins..."
The Crest of LightHope

T.K. is one of the original Digidestined featured in the first and second seasons of Digimon, as well as a Digimon Movie. Patamon is his Digimon partner thoughout both seasons.

In the original series, T.K. was one of the youngest of the eight Digi-Destined. He met his partner Digimon, Tokomon, who later Digivolved into Patamon in the very first episode of the show. He is the younger brother of Matt, who also happens to be a Digi-Destined. T.K. and Pataman quickly develop a strong bond, which causes Patamon to digivolve into his Champion form, Angemon, who sacrifice himself in order to defeat Devimon and protect T.K. and the other Digi-Destined. In the battle against Piedmon Patamon digivolves once more to his Ultimate form, MagnaAngemon, who helps defeat Piedmon with his Gate of Destiny attack. Once his job is done in the Digital World, T.K. had to return his Crest of Hope, which was the source of power that allowed Angemon to digivolve. Once Season 2 rolls along, T.K. is older and more mature, and returns to the Digital World once again. This time, his partner Patamon gains the ability to Armor Digivolve with the Digi-Egg of Hope, becoming Pegasusmon. Later on in the series, the power of Azulongmon allows Patamon to digivolve into Ultimate again.

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