The Birth of Greymon

The Birth of Greymon
Adventure - 02 - English.pngEpisode 02
Japanese NameExplosive Evolution! Greymon
Japanese Air Date03/14/1999
English Air Date08/21/1999

After being attacked by a second Kuwagamon, the Digi-Destined are knocked off of the ledge of a cliff. Once they land in the water, Gomamon, who is Joe's Digimon, calls on his fish friends and they rescue the Digimon and the Digi-Destined. The fish transport them to an new area where the Digi-Destined decide what to do next. When they reach a beach, they find several telephone booths, though every time someone answers their call they say something strange. After a while the children decide to share out the food they have, until a Shellmon appears, destroying the phone booths. The Digimon are too weak to do anything from being so hungry and can't fight off the Shellmon. Agumon had fortunately eaten a candy bar that gave him enough energy to fight. While Tai is busy distracting Shellmon, he gets picked up and squeezed by Shellmon's strange hair. When Agumon is being crushed under Shellmon's hand, heDigivolves to the next level - which is Champion - as Greymon, and defeats the Shellmon with a Nova Blast. Greymon then turns back into Agumon. The children decide to leave before Shellmon comes back.

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