The Crest Of Friendship


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Joe and Gomamon keep looking for Matt until they spot his boat. Elsewhere WarGreymon is fighting Piedmon and has no success. Tai and the rest of the group realize that they need the whole group if they think they can defeat Piedmon. Matt gets lost in a cave and decides that he isn't needed on the group but Gabumon helps him realize that his friends need him as much as he needs them. Together the two of them find the way out of the cave. Sora, later on finds Matt's boat but becomes sad once she doesn't find Matt himself. Now Biyomon and Sora are taken into the same cave that Matt was in by a black mist. With the help of Matt, Sora realizes that her depression is causing the cave to appear. Once she realized it was only the mist causing this the cave disappeared. Now that the whole group is back together they confront Piedmon one last time and with Gabumon having gained strength from Matt's friendship he warp digivovles into MetalGarurumon.

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