The Crest Of Light

As the building collapses the team Digi-Destined and the digimon fall into the sewers beneath Machinedramon's city. Sora, Biyomon, and Patamon manage to find T.K, Kari, and Gatomon. With Izzy, Tai, Tentomon, and Agumon nowhere to be found the six are helpless. As Sora and her group search for Tai, they run into WaruMonzaemon. He is the owner and the enslaved Numemon in the area. The Numemon plead for help from the Digi-Destined and somehow a strange bright light emerges from Kari. The light made the digimon stronger and with it they managed to overcome the evil WaruMonzaemon. The Numemon are now freed from his clutches. Sora thinks the light should be followed as it may lead them to Tai. Now that WaruMonzaemon had been de-throned Machinedramon destroys him. Tai and his group are on the lookout for the others and they end up finding Andromon. Unfortunately they run into Machinedramon and he destroys Andromon who had saved Tai and his group. Once Tai and his group find Sora Machinedramon appears once again the light that Kari is showing enables WarGreymon to destroy Machindramon.

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