The Crest of Sincerity


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The team is walking down a desert when Gennai's illusion appears to tell them that they must take care of the digimon or else they won't digivolve properly as Agumon did. Later on a cruise ship appears almost out of nowhere and everyone goes aboard it. It turns out though the it is piloted by Kokatorimon who is one of Etemon's henchmen. He captures the boys of the team and changes the their digimon into stone.

Birdramon and Togemon fight off Kokatorimon and free the boys and their digimon. The whole team manages to escape but not for long. Kokatorimon chases the team on his ship up until a giant cactus appears and Kokatorimon crashes into it.

Mimi finds her Crest of Sincerity near the cactus and the team continue the adventure.

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