The Eighth Child Revealed

Episode Number: 35

[edit] Plot and Story

Gatomon, though unsure, is almost entirely convinced, that Kari, Tai's younger sister is the eight digidestined. Having lost her memory of things previous of her capture by Myotismon, she is determined to find out the truth and sends Wizardmon to search for the the Digivice. Wizardmon's search turns fruitful as he finds the Digivice, and he quickly leads the wicked Myotismon and Demidevimon away from the truth.

Wizardmon returns to Gatomon bearing the Digivice and together they discover that both Gatomon and Kari are chosen and destined to work together. Gatomon later displays this by defending Kari. Overjoyed but worried by the fact that the eighth Digidestined has been revealed, Tai and Kari go to battle Myotismon and reclaim Kari's crest. Both MetalGreymon and Wizardmon battle Myotismon but not even their efforts are enough, and Wizardmon is flung in a river while holding Kari's crest. Unaware and unconvinced that Kari is indeed the final Digidestined, Myotismon captures Gatomon and uses her as a pawn to seek out the real child.

[edit] Episode Facts

This is the first episode in which Kari and Gatomon meet as partners.
This episode is the first part of a four part series of episodes showing the newfound digidestined and the fight against Myotismon.

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