The Eighth Digivice


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Tai wonders if his sister Kari is the eight child because she was also present in the digimon fight four years ago. Elsewhere near the balcony the family cat, Miko, knocks over a digivice and chases after it. Meanwhile, Raremon has appeared and is already wreaking havoc near the bay of the city. Izzy checks his computer and a message from Gennai informs him that all the other digi destined are asleep in their homes, including Tai. Izzy feels that going to each home to wake up the others would waste time so he goes after Raremon himself. During the confrontation with Raremon, Izzy's digivice indicates that another digivice, possibly the eight child's, is nearby. While as Kabuterimon defeats Raremon, Izzy goes after the signal but the cat loses to a number of animals. A crow swoops by and graps the digivice and Izzy is unable to follow it.

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