The Icemon Cometh

While Rika is walking home, Calumon runs up to her at the same time as Rika’s mother does. Rika’s mother makes a big deal about the cure little Calumon, embarrassing Rika. As soon as Rika makes it home, Rika tells Calumon off, who leaves, crying. Renamon wonders how shoe could become closer to Rika. Rika is then kidnapped by IceDevimon, who asks Rika to be his Tamer. Rika refuses and calls for Renamon, who starts to come to her aid, but then decides against it. Takato and Henry hear Rika’s screams and come to the scene, but Guilmon and Terriermon are immediately frozen by IceDevimon. After countless attempts to break their Digimon out of the ice, Henry and Takato are helpless. Finally Renamon shows up, but she is no match for the powerful IceDevimon. Rika tells Renamon that she cares for her as a friend, and Calumon cheers up. With Calumon’s help, Renamon digivolves to Kyubimon, but even with the new strength is unable to defeat IceDevimon. Henry then uses an expansion card on Terriermon, who grows very large and busts out of the ice. When Guilmon is freed also, Henry uses a card combo on IceDevimon, and defeats him easily. After this experience, Rika declares that she hates Digimon.

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