The Return of Thomas


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Marcus is on his way to town when DATS receives a signal that a DemiMeramon is nearby. DATS notifies Marcus since he is nearest to confront the problem. Once Agumon gets there he and Marcus try to defeat the DemiMeramon but to no avail. Since it is made of fire Agumon's Pepper Breath does no damage, and since it is not dense enough Marcus can not punch it. THe DemiMeramon runs off and the two DATS members chase it off. Elsewhere Thomas is seen working in another country in another division of DATS and announces that he will be going back to the Japan Division. At DATS headquarters Thomas makes his surprising return and shows up with a DemiMeramon egg. Marcus tries to introduce himself but Thomas takes no notice. Seeing how Marcus acts makes Thomas request to Commander Sampson that Marcus be removed from DATS, permanently.

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