There Are Monsters Among Us

Marcus Daimon is a 14 year-old middle school student who suddenly had his life changed the instant he met a lizard-like creature - Agumon. The two actually met in a fight in the middle of the city after Agumon escapes a facility from the organization known as DATS. Yoshino, a member of the organization is dispatched to locate and bring back Raptor 1 (Agumon). She spots Marcus and Agumon who are engaged in a fight. After sometime the two tire out and it appears to be sunset. Suddenly Agumon declares that he will become Marcus' employee because no human has ever matched his strength. Yoshinno calls for Lalamon, her partner digimon, to help capture Agumon. Lalamon performs her Seed Burst attack only to be countered by Agumon's Pepper Breath. The two attacks collide causing a big "smoke bomb" effect to occur allowing Marcus and his employee to escape.

Marcus ends up taking Agumon to his home where Agumon claims he is hungry. So Marcus asks him to not move while he gathers some food. Just as Marcus is paying the store clerk for his groceries a girl appears adding in a cup of pudding. She introduces herself as Yoshino from DATS and explains all about their cause and eventually takes Marcus to their headquarters where he meets Commander Sampson and his partner digimon Kudamon. Marcus says that he will take responsibility for anything that Agumon does just as an alarm sounds. Marcus runs back to his house only to find that Agumon has disappeared. Yoshi ended up following Marcus as well to his house which is near the site of the Burger stand which was attacked. As Marcus runs out of his building he finds Agumon with his head buried in a trash can of some sort. In reality it was a Kokatorimon who attacked the stand. Agumon and Marcus defend his honor by attacking Kokatorimon. The giant bird is angered and unleashes an attack which knocks out Agumon. Marcus is infuriated and attacks the bird digimon so hard it causes his fist to glow. An old fisherman appears and explains why this is so and tosses a Digivice and tells him to use his DNA to help Agumon wake up and Digivolve. GeoGreymon appears and defeats the Kokatorimon with his attack, Mega Flame.

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