To Fight or Not to Fight

As Guilmon and Renamon try to fight each with little success, Rika tries to get information on Guilmon. When none is available, she decides to modify Renamon with a cannon arm, which would easily obliterate Guilmon. Takato pleads with Guilmon to stop fighting, and when he listens Renamon misses. While Renamon is trying to aim the cannon, Henry and Terriermon arrive and are able to stop Rika and Renamon. Henry tells Rika that Digimon are not just tools for fighting, but she won’t listen, and instead walks away with Renamon. This causes Henry and Takato to introduce themselves as they walk towards Guilmon’s hiding spot, a shed in the park. Takato runs into Jeri at his parents’ bakery, and she tells him that she will not rat him out for skipping school. Then, Henry makes Terriermon promise not to digivolve, while Rika wonders why Renamon can’t digivolve. Even when she is recognized as “The Digimon Queen” she is doubtful that she is competent enough to be a tamer. After Takato has an epiphany about modify cards, he disguises Guilmon as a man in a Guilmon costume. Everything is fine until Guilmon smells Renamon, and after following the scent comes upon Rika and Renamon. Once again, Rika challenges Takato, and they begin to fight. Henry shows up in the middle of the fight to break it up, and sends in Terriermon to Guilmon’s aid. However, in the midst of the action Terriermon digivolves into Gargomon, and begins firing in every direction, unable to control his powers. Gargomon aims at Rika, ready to obliterate her, when suddenly Guilmon takes him out from the side at the last second. Riku is now afraid, wondering if digivolving really is such a good idea.

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