Togemon in Toy Town

Togemon in Toy Town
Adventure - 06 - English.pngEpisode 06
Japanese NamePalmon, the Angry Evolution!
Japanese Air Date04/11/1999
English Air Date09/20/1999

A Numemon group attacks the Digi-Destined while they are in the sewer tunnel. They run away into a town know as Toy Town and end up being separated. Most of the kids begin to play with the toys in the town and an attack by Monzaemon ends up having them controlled. The only one that isn't controlled is Mimi. Mimi discovers that the Monzaemon is what is making the rest of the team weird. So with the help of a Numemon, who has a crush on Mimi, they attack the Monzaemon without being successful. After some time of attacks Palmon digivolves into Togemon and drives the Black Gear out of the Monzaemon with Needle Spray, her main attack. Monzaemon apologizes and the kids head in further into the adventure.

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