Toy Town

Toy Town is an urban track with wide roads, good straightaways and mainly easy turns. There is nothing to fall into on this course, and the only speed hazards are the grassy areas on the sides of the track.

Numemon! Everybody's favourite completely useless piles of slime, the Numemon, appear in several locations on the course of Toy Town. If you hit one, it can go flying straight into your screen, obscuring your view as it slides off. It can also go flying to the side, where it can hit a rival's screen.

Speed Up! Toy Town introduces speed boosters, arrow pads on the track which send your Digimon flying forward and conveniently realign it with the track. However, if you hit a speed booster directly before a turn, you may go flying onto the grass, which isn't good.

Choose A Track... Just before the final stretch of the course is a junction. The right path leads you to a Digivolution Zone, the left leads you to a series of speed boosters. If your Digimon has low turning capability, it may be wise to take the right road or jump over the final speed booster. However, other Digimon can choose either road, so if you need some Digivolution Energy, feel free to get it, but otherwise try to take the left road safely.

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