Trash Day


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Matt has mysteriously walked out on the group. Reason being is that he is unsure of what his purpose is with the Digi-Destined. He has also noticed that the others have become stronger making him less confident. Taking advantage of his unstable condition Cherrymon, a tree digimon, convinces Matt that he must defeat Tai if he is ever going to be able to get ahead. Elsewhere, Puppetmon and his henchmen, Garbagemon, attack the others. MetalGreymon and Lilymon take care of a few Garbagemon but eventually get overpowered. Then suddenly out of nowhere Matt and MetalGarurumon suddenly appears and defeats the last of the attackers. Tai and Matt get into a vocal argument about who should be leading the group while WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon are standing by ready to protect their partner. Eventually Tai and Matt get into a fist fight and their digimon get into one massive brawl!

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