Under Pressure


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Whamon appears to save the team as they are about to be defeated by MetalSeadramon and escape. MetalSeadramon and his henchmen who are Divermon go out to look for them. Izzy discovers that WarGreymon has the ability to destroy dramon type digimon like MetalSeadramon. The Divermon find Whamon and attack him as he leads them on a deep underwater chase. Since the Divermon can't swim very deep the team manages to escape. Izzy uses a Sonar device that lead to a tunnel that will get them to safety. MetalSeadramon finds them before they can escape. Whamon gets through the tunnel and end up in a bay near land. MetalSeadramon followed them through the tunnel and attacks Whamon. Agumon warp digivolves into Wargreymon who attacks MetalSeadramon as the episode ends.

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