Japanese NameZeedMillenniumon
Special TechniqueTime Destroyer
VariationsMillenniummon, Moon=Millenniummon

DNA Digivolution

First FormMillenniummon
Second FormMoon=Millenniummon
Third FormZeedMillenniummon

ZeedMillenniummon is the most powerful Millenniummon. It has two heads; one purple and one orange. These somewhat resemble those of Machinedramon and Kimeramon which fuse to become the original Millenniummon. It can attack by issuing a laser from each of its mouths. Its body is wrapped in fractal code to restrain its extreme power. As a result, parts of its body appear to disappear into the air. Only its heads, chest and arms (also one grey, one orange) can be seen. A suggestion of legs can be seen below the code. Even with this restriction on its power, ZeedMillenniummon is a very powerful Digimon. It is said that without the code, ZeedMillenniummon would be capable of destroying the entire universe.

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[edit] Game Apperances

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